Health Safety & Environment Performance

Achieving our mission requires a strong HS&E foundation. To us that means achieving world class performance through the systematic management of safety, health, environment, reliability and efficiency.

True HS&E Excellence involves a profound shift in thinking and acting, not just staying the course. We think beyond the day-to-day tasks performing the job and integrate our operators into our customer’s worksites committing to achieving our shared goal of a zero incident workplace.

We systematically manage HS&E programs in order to:

  • Achieve an injury-free workplace.
  • Eliminate spills and environmental incidents.
  • Identify and mitigate health and safety risks inherent in drill-site operations.
  • Promote a healthy workplace with reasonable workload demands.
  • Operate incident free with industry-leading asset reliability.

We have a process for the systematic management of our HS&E program with Business unit champions and corporate consultants supporting implementation.
We promote learning and sharing through a number of networks and forums. Web based tools provide 24/7 collaboration and repositories for alerts and best practices. The best of the best practices are shared monthly with the President and his reports flowing right down through the entire organization. Recognition and accountability are highly visible.

We continually:

  • Ask personnel to examine for themselves why it is important to work safe.
  • Ask questions that show we care and are concerned for the wellbeing of all.
  • Take employee concerns seriously and follow up with action.
  • Stop work and reinforce employee authority to stop work.

When we do all of these things right, they build on each other to achieve our ultimate objective – zero incidents. That means everyone goes home safe and shares the benefit of a safe work place.

We are members in good standing with: